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You Can’t Heal Your Wound If You Keep Pretending They Don’t Exist

Betrayal hurts so much that we feel a sharp pain piercing through our soul, in most cases it seems like time slows down, bitterness comes in, aggressiveness becomes imminent and loss of appetite. We all have been there, but no one has ever healed by denying their pains or hurting others. We just want something to take the emotional wound away and we could find ourselves shifting our behaviours, some become irrational.

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It’s hilarious how life serves us with things that are beyond us, hardship, betrayal from loved ones, heartbreak and death. People react to pain in different ways, although the experience may differ. Sometimes I wonder about my vulnerability and ask “why me!” it’s pathetic that in most cases you seem not to see any light at the end of the tunnel, every piece of advice appears false and at this time you just have to go through the grief, there isn’t no shortcut or is there?.

Growing up has brought lots of challenges to us and this is termed growth and this is what makes us adults, it’s becoming a part of life that you need to go through a certain thing to have experience and this experience prepares you to withstand more challenges ahead.

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People are going through different issues and social media is not making it any easier. No one told me this but growing up has thought me the only way to heal your wound is to honour my pain, acknowledge and detach from it. Don’t be an expert at denying your pain, this is another piece of content that encourages you to speak up! Silence is no longer golden.

But the question is who do you speak up to? Who cares? It is a crazy world, yes, but it is therapeutic to speak to someone, you are not alone all by yourself. Why not try to speak to a stranger prolly on the social media, it has always worked for me, in all cases, I have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

How to heal your wound

  • Withdraw yourself – it’s paramount to take a break or walk/look away. Withdrawing yourself doesn’t mean staying alone, withdraw yourself from people and the environment that hurts you so as to heal your wound. A time of pain is a time of growth, although we all differ, this is a time a become a better you and pour your anger or pain into learning or improving yourself.
  • Mix with people – if it’s heartbreak, this is not a good time to fall in love again why? because you can’t love with a leaking emotion. It’s a time to socialize, take yourself out, go to different places, dress and smell good. This helps you to see the beauty in you and improves your esteem.
  • Self-pity – don’t dwell in self-pity this can be self-destructive. Move on! This is a lesson and testing time, the pace at which you heal your wound is determined by how you choose to see your reality, and how are you guiding your mind from thinking and worrying. In a time like this your mind is your greatest enemy, guide it!   

Learn from your wound don’t add salt to it, it’s part of life and every living has its own story, your scar is a reminder of how far you’ve gone. You can cry when necessary but not in self-pity.  

Thank you for reading, kindly share with your friends remember sharing is caring. don’t forget to drop a comment below, let’s learn from you on how to heal your wound.


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  1. When the pain of a breakup is too hard to bear, you may find that focusing on the needs of others can help bring feelings of wellbeing and distract you from focusing on yourself

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