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Will Self-Empowerment Ever Rule The World?

According to Merriam Webster, EMPOWERMENT is the act of empowering someone or something: this can equally be as granting the power, right, or authority to perform or carry out various activities.

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Empowerment gives you a sense of responsibility and accountability as well. The first thing God gave to humans was empowerment. It’s a freewill gift that you have to operate in to make decisions in life, either good or bad decision; it lies in the ability that you are empowered to think about that decision and carry it out.

Your empowerment and decisions can make you or mare you; this boils down to the kind of friends you keep. The association you belong to, the type of family, and the society in which you live play vital roles in your empowerment and decision-making ability.

A proverb says you can only take a horse to a river but can’t force it to drink. Let me break it down for you.
Empowerment begins with you; if you don’t have a receptive mind to receive authorization, you can never function decisively. Always remember that many people out there don’t have this empowerment and don’t know how to get it; they are powerless and clueless and don’t know what decisions to make for their life.

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Here is a breakdown of self-empowerment, how it profits you and the necessity to empower others

Reason for self-empowerment

Empowerment is the journey to freedom; it gives you confidence and places you on the ladder of responsibility. Your next question is, how do I get empowered? Don’t fidget about this; for every problem, there is always a solution.

There are guidelines to help you fit into this empowerment circle; they will build your mindset, motivate you and make you take action.

First, you need to understand that if one must be empowered, then you cannot make room for excuses.

Excuses will never make you; they will only and always make you more vulnerable


Purpose of empowerment

The purpose of self-empowerment is to rediscover YOU!

Take this arithmetic:  YOU+ EMPOWER= SELF-EMPOWERED.

Here is the breakdown of that simple formula; it means you are throwing yourself into power and throwing yourself at knowledge; knowledge is power, they say.

You say to yourself I want to prepare myself for opportunities because you will be empowered with responsibility when preparation meets opportunity.

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Self-empowerment is a tool that will stretch your mind and bring you to the limelight of reality; this is where you begin to do critical thinking and decisions; all these have to be a part of you, build you up and see things differently to give you the desired results.

Results don’t lie, efforts don’t go in vain, and whatever you build today will be seen by generations. If you fail, eyes will see it; if you create success, generations will applaud it.

Your consistency in self-empowerment will speak for you and bring inspiration to the mind of the next generation because they will see the positive results but may never understand the sacrifices and discipline invested until they open their mind to receive such inspiration.

Your results must be visible because you can’t empower people without self-empowerment. You can’t give what you don’t have.

Steps To Build Self-Empowerment.

Building A positive Attitude

Attitude Is everything; this is where positivity comes from; you must have a positive mindset. It would help if you constantly empowered yourself with attitude and spirit, assuring yourself that you can do it even when it seems complicated.

Study And Prepare

There will always be a learning stage and time; you can’t jump the ladder; you can only climb.

It would be best if you constantly prepared yourself in the workshop so that when an opportunity comes your way, you have what it takes to embrace it.

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Set Achievable Goals

Statistically, 70% of DIY projects don’t make it to the finishing stage. Because some get tired in the process, there is no strict project supervision and no accountability. There must be a set goal and a to-do list that will guide the process; this is the best and most efficient way to have proper time management.

Connect With Positive People.

It is essential to surround yourself with positive-minded people, there are days you will get tired, and you need these people to be a lifter of your weariness. Network, meet new people and have a meaningful and impacting conversation.

Develop Self Care  

Staying healthy is very important; you must put your mind and body in order. Regular exercise helps revitalize your body and boost your immune system while keeping your mind and brain active.

Develop Self Talk

There is power in what you profess, reinforce your words daily, speak to yourself and know that you can do everything. Be positive to yourself, affirm those positive thoughts in your mind and bring them to reality.


The underlying attribute of self-empowerment is self and mental growth, which gives room for efficient learning culture, being motivated and self-driven. To remain grinding, committed and confident about your development, you must keep conversing with your effort and make it excellent work. With self-empowerment, you easily create a path that no one can take from you as you master the process.

I leave you with this note; it will drive you to discover your path. Catch you on the other side of life.

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  1. Empowered people take action, exhibit a growth mindset, and are comfortable learning and developing their abilities. They also understand that success does not come overnight but is a culmination of decisions and actions. If your goal is to finish your college degree within four years, list the actions you’ll need to take to achieve that goal, such as researching financial aid options, enrolling in an online program, and establishing a study schedule.

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