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Why Is Humanity Important?

According to Merriam Webster the word humanity can be defined as an act of compassion, sympathy, or generous behaviour with different dispositions.
Talking about humanity, we will have to see it from a different perspective. The best way to understand humanity is the value of kindness, compassion, and sympathy we extend to other beings.

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In the Stone Age, there has been a lot of inhumane acts of wickedness towards humans
but as we progress, numerous acts of humanity have taken over as part of the healing process to the damages done.

Why Is Humanity Important?

The essential purpose of humanity is to foster peace all around and spread love to one another. We must understand the true definition of humanity and never see it as a tool for self-aggrandizement. It is sad that in our society today, humanity has become a transactional act such that some people want to give you so they can take back or lord over you.

Some have taken it to be a thing of fame, popularity and power-seeking avenue. The first religion remains HUMANITY, this is the greatest of all religions because it teaches us to love and care for one another without disparity.

The world population is approximately 8.1 billion, and the fact remains that we all are not equal. There are lot of people out there fighting for survival and all they need is just a touch and feel of humanity.

There are war zones and people are displaced as a result of survival and this is where humanity comes into play. Someone compassionate, companies or organizations ready to support humanity take it upon themselves to extend the feel of humanity.

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War and hunger in different regions are still going on and the probability of ending soon is very slim, hence the need to intensify on humanity. All we need to do is to look out for the neighbour next door and ensure we can extend an act of humanity.

Humanity is not just about humans, some people show love and humanity for animals and other living things, but that doesn’t mean they do not have feelings or urgency to care for humans. Per time, there is a way we all express how we feel and this propels our show of love, compassion, and sympathy.


Humanitarians could be you or myself, but in our world, we can’t forget great humanitarians who have touched lives positively. They identified the problems and gave their best to ensure a common man could have that sense of belonging. We have great men and women such as HENRY FORD, IDOWU OPESEITAN, MOTHER TERESA, MAHATMA GANDHI and many great men and women who are constantly supporting humanity.

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They have lived an exemplary life and a lot are still living up to expectations ensuring that humanity remains the goal of every society.


Humanity is a continuous process because the crisis out here is not ending soon, but we can always make the world a better place while we are still living. An act of any humanitarian should spur others to be a giver and do better in our society. We must pass the baton and ensure the continuity of giving back to society while seeing humanity as an act of compassion, love and sympathy.

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