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This Thing Called Entitlement Mentality

The first thing that comes to mind is you “owe me.” In our lives, we’ve met people with an entitlement mentality. It could be a person who feels because you are their friend, they are entitled to receiving monetary gifts, favour or you are under obligation to support their business.

What is Entitlement Mentality

Entitlement mentality is defined as the state of mind of a person whose belief by right he/she deserve to be loved, supported or favoured when they have done little or nothing that to merit such.

This mentality is also traceable to narcissistic traits, this could be a trait that is predisposed by parents, environment and religion. We all sometimes believe we are entitled to receive money or job recommendation from our uncles.

An entitled woman believes the universe and people therein owe her while growing up she feels her parent owes her, eventually, she gets married or while in a relationship she feels her man owes her, the man automatically takes up the responsibility of fending for her and her needs, she gives birth then she transfers her entitlement mentality to her children and rich folks.

“the abusive man’s high entitlement leads him to have unfair and unreasonable expectations so that the relationship revolves around his demands. His attitude is: “you owe me.” For each ounce he gives, he wants a pound in return. He wants his partner to devote herself fully to catering to him, even if it means her own needs – or her children’s – get neglected. You can pour all your energy into keeping your partner content, but he has this mindset, he’ll never be satisfied for long. And he will keep feeling that you are controlling him because he doesn’t believe that you should set any limits on his conduct or insist that he meet his responsibility.”

– Lundy Bancroft

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“Nobody owes you nothing”, but then a man/woman with entitlement mentality is in most cases ignorant of this trait, because they believe they deserve it, and it is the obligation of people around to supply or meet their demand.

Some religious people believe they deserve a job above others in the same interview room because they are special and are loved by God.

The mentality of feeling that you are entitled to anything can often lead to disappointment, resentment and laziness. People trying to live off other people, looking out for people to do for you what you can actually do for yourself robs you off your ability to stand for yourself.

How to Overcome Entitlement Mentality

Grateful – sometimes what we call small, can always multiply when we appreciate. Nothing is small! You feel that money is too small to meet your needs, bear in mind “nobody owes you nothing!”

Unfair – sometimes nothing in itself is fair.  The fact, you helped someone does not mean you are entitled to receive help from the same person, life happens


11 thoughts on “This Thing Called Entitlement Mentality

  1. Perfect write-up sir, this mentality is a disease on it’s own in nigeria. There is need to unlearn n relearn some of the old ideologies.

      1. This is a major problem in Nigeria to because every time people feel that you must give them something

        Which has distroyed they moral standard of our daily life

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