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To get out of trouble, you must get into trouble. Life will fight you, be ready for the battle, you need information for improvement and to improve you need to be deliberate about life as you choose your purpose. 

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A life without purpose is a fruitless journey. It is important to note that freedom in life does not come from making money but choosing the right purpose for your life. 

Don’t do what you like, do what is right and if what is right is not what you like, turn it around, mix the recipes again and by making what you like the right thing. 

Bear this in mind that you are not born to be rich, you were born neutral, even if you are from the richest home you can still be poor. 

Being rich has nothing to do with your money if you lack the right information and application.What you learn in life are the things that will add up to your successes. 

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If you can’t repeat growth, you are probably in a gambling state. Growth is a repeated process, therefore it must be measured. 

When preparation meets opportunity, there is always a spark. Anytime you are closer to the gate of your breakthrough, a helper will show up because you have been prepared for it. 

As you build a growth mindset, take note that it comes with pain. 

Your pain is a clue to your purpose, it tells you that you are closer to getting results. 

As you find purpose in life, you will need mentoring, find the right mentor for yourself. 

Don’t be bigger than your mentor, if you know it all you don’t need a mentor you should look for mentees. 

If you feel your mentor is a small person compared to you then stay put, you don’t need a mentor. 

Swallow your pride, be humble to learn and take instructions, and be teachable and accountable. 

Don’t see your mentor as a money bag, don’t go to your mentors with financial responsibilities, you will make them avoid you. 

Build credibility with your mentors, even in death, let your mentor be able to trust you.

It’s okay to share your problems with your mentors, but don’t make it a habit. 

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Your mentor wants to hear new things about you, he wants to measure your progress. Don’t come to him with the same problem, he will get tired of the same problem. 

Your mentor knows when you are up and when you are down, your mentors have been through things and by experience they know how to understudy you to guide you well. 

I leave you with this, as you find purpose, pay attention to relationships. 

It takes one relationship to make you and just one relationship can lead to the downfall of a man. 

Choose the right relationship as you find purpose in life. 

My Name is Citizen David, I have been touched and blessed, please share this with someone in need. 



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