“A son of the soil needs not to be caged in his land”,
Omoyele Sowore is a friend of the masses and possesses the love for humanity. he longs for peace, justice, and equity in fostering a sustainable future.

OMOYELE SOWORE is the brain behind the popular news and reports around the world know as Sahara reporters. Anytime I think of his predicament my heart bleeds uncontrollably, he deserves his fundamental human rights, he deserves his total freedom.

It would be recalled that Omoyele Sowore through the litmus test of august 5th 2019 REVOLUTION NOW envisioned and proposed a REVOLUTION OF THE MIND and not a revolution by a weapon.

It is so dismaying that some tyrants and their charades of uncircumcised citizens misconstrued what a REVOLUTION OF THE MIND is all about. unfortunately, Nigerians didn’t have the opportunity to have heard or witnessed the true REVOLUTION OF THE MIND.

Omoyele Sowore was raided and whisked away to an unknown destination on the eve of REVOLUTION NOW at 1 am prompt. My book of knowledge makes me understand that a man can not wage war against its kingdom (country), such a kingdom will not stand.


Omoyele Sowore never rose to fight his own country and he will never be a part to such, rather walked the path of emancipation to offer liberation of the mind towards better development and a sustainable government.

It is very dismaying that constitution, as amended, is nothing but a caricature to the fundamental rights of the citizens. I will not fail to express my sadness about great minds fighting the battle of the nation such MANDATE AND AGBA JALINGO I salute their courage and also for staying through to the nation.

It is expedient that the citizens rise to their feet and protect their fundamental human right, as it is always said: an injury to one is an injury to all.

I use this medium to express my sympathy with OPEYEMI SOWORE wife of OMOYELE SOWORE for staying strong, calm and committed awaiting the return of your husband.


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