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Social Media Security and Child Safety

It is no more news that in this 21-century parents are the greatest violator of their children’s fundamental rights and privacy. Statistically, about 10 million people have their private life exposed to the internet, but that is not greater as opposed to the online privacy violation of what parents or wards post about their children. Do parents consider their child safety anymore?

Parents have left potential and harmful footprint which some of them considered to be memories even before the consenting age of their children.

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If possible some parents will upload the sex of their unborn, but it’s becoming alarming that before delivery a child’s digital life has begun.

Right from an ultrasound scan and expected date of delivery this info is posted on the media for what point exactly? such as: “expecting a baby girl, I will have a son soon.”

This is an overrated joy that comes with lots of consequences because most parents have revealed more information about their children beyond measures, thereby exposing them to predators.

Keeping memories is not bad, but deliberately putting the children at risk of identity theft, abuse and other forms of privacy invasion can be avoided.

Statistically, U.S recorded a figure of 80% of new babies that have already experienced digital presence without consent.


Parents are busy with public display of their children online thinking that they are celebrating the children without a second thought of the child’s privacy and child safety.

The consequences of posting your child(ren) online there could be identity clowning, such as names, date of birth and addresses coupled with the help of artificial intelligence, predators will have so much information to execute their interior motive.

Amidst this threat, lots of advocacy is on in other to educate parents to have proper thoughts regarding the posting of their children’s pictures on social media.

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However, there is a conflict, whereby some parents believe that they have the freedom to post and don’t even consider the child’s fundamental right to privacy.

Children deserve the right to object to any post related to them such as photos, and their life achievements.

Most parents push things like this to the internet, some want to show off to relatives that their children are growing or just to prove that the children are doing well.

some parents have been subjected to media pressures from their counterparts, so they have to go the extra mile by putting their kids on the media, in other words, this has turned into a competition of children display on the internet.


As a parent, study your child, ask them about their opinion, and understand if they want their life out there. It saves lots of penny as a parent when you give it a deep thought before you post, ensure that your child understands what you are displaying on media about them.
This enables a sense of understanding as to what should be public and private.

Thank you for reading, kindly drop your opinion on the issue of Social Media Security and Child Safety, I want to hear from you. 


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    As a parent, study your child, ask them about their opinion, and understand if they want their life out there. This is Absolutely true.
    Much thanks Eclipse for opening up our minds to this.

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