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Social Media Misuse and Its Consequences

Social media is available for all to share their opinion and stories, it has given everyone a voice and most people use it to “agend their agenda.”

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The art of storytelling has made a lot of people believe in every content they read – it has wrecked a lot of homes and it has become a platform for growth when used rightly.

There are varieties of niches on social media, trust me, the way most people are led astray on the platform is becoming alarming. Do you think social media is being misused or rightly used? “Just like the saying whosoever has the media has the power.” The same way gossipers malign people’s character, and speak ill of a body, this has become the order of the day.

A lot of social media preachers are on the rise, it is essential to sieve the content you read, indeed “content is king.” We have a fan base or keyboard warrior that can spew anything to make a point, these points are sold out cheaply, these narratives can be consequential if you believe all you read.

To understand social media, you need to understand human reasoning and cognitions (the psychology behind human behaviour). Some content writers and influencers understand this game, so they play with your emotions and sometimes bully their readers.

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I am sure you should have heard the saying “social media is not for the fainted.” The toxicity on all the platforms is alarming.

For example, a lady came online to tell her story of how a “guy raped her.” She tags the guy’s handle and “fiam” the whole community comes for this guy’s head without hearing his part of the story, no one gives him room to air his view – Haven seen the abuse and emotional blackmail the guy commits suicide. Who killed this guy?

Storytelling has become a powerful tool and, in some cases, comes with proof that makes the gullible believe, then innocent you will be intrigued by the story and start sharing “n0nesense.”

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Don’t be a slave to social media, don’t be an agent people will use to promote their agenda.

Your government understand this, they put in measure to ensure they cover the atrocity in their states – should we mention the fake and unverified news that has caused problems to people’s mental health. Don’t be like a man that washes his dirty pant in the public.

Social media doesn’t forget – you might be catching cruise but it might end up hurting and demoralise people beyond your wildest imagination. Don’t believe everything you read, people’s lifestyles on social media shouldn’t be your standard.

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3 thoughts on “Social Media Misuse and Its Consequences

  1. This platform called social media has done more harm than good because of the way it’s been use and misuse, it could have been a good way to promote good ethics, business cycle, economical growth etc but reverse is the case.
    Well, we can’t stop using it but caution must be applied to avoid futuristic damage.

  2. social media can have a negative influence on teenagers, it is also a helpful space that could have positive result, or influence in a positive manner. The result is dependent on how social media is used.

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