Rejection is Redirection: Here is how to Rise After Rejection.

There are days when I feel rejected, the feeling of not being good enough gripped, I feel so alone and it seems it’s just me and the whole world is against me.

There are days when I feel like quitting, letting go of everything I know, I just want to give up because nothing seems to be working.

The painful thing is, it looks like those you could talk to backout and most importantly as if “your God” is not there.

That moment when you’re hit by rejection, delay, heartbreak and disappointment how would you bounce back? How would you transform that excruciating pain to gain?

Rejection is painful, we all crave to hear the word, YES, but then rejection sets in, it could be so painful after you’ve prepared intensively for a course and the outcome was a gigantic NO.

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Nobody likes rejection, what you make out of it is important.

I have been rejected in life that I got so used to rejection, that it doesn’t cause depression anymore.


Because I started seeing rejection as redirection.

The rejection hurt big time; does it have to be the reason why your back is at the ground? No! at every junction of our lives, we all have experienced the stings of rejection, what you make out of that situation can leverage or change your life.

Instead of wallowing in bitterness and self-pity, convert that “pain/bitter energy” into becoming better and stronger you. Let your bounceback, surprise everyone.

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Do you remember when Yahoo turned down $1 million to buy Google? Here is the story.

In the year 1998, two persons who are not familiar with the technology offered to sell their startup to AltaVista and Yahoo for $1 million so they can resume their studies at Stanford, but these two companies turned them down.

4 years later exactly in 2002, Yahoo had an opportunity to acquire Google but this time for $5 billion. But today Google worth more than Yahoo.

what seems to be rejection turn out to be a blessing, rejection does not kill!

I believe you’re more energetic and creative when you’re rejected.

Have you read the story of how Netflix CEO Wilmont Reed initiated an idea to launch a “video on demand” service in 1997, Netflix CEO 2000 approached the all-time video giant Blockbuster for a partnership but was turned down by Blockbuster CEO. In 2005 Netflix has annihilated Blockbuster of the market.


Rejection does not mean you’re not good enough, it is a redirection, to what? To something better, if you work toward it and believe in yourself.

Rejection time is a time to re-strategize, re-plan and knockout that obstacle that stopped you. Don’t be afraid of getting rejected it makes you wiser, smarter and purpose-driven.

Nobody that is successful that has not felt the sting of power of rejection.

How to turn rejection to your favour.

  1. Let it push you to build your EMPIRE and not trying to fit into someone else. Rejection could be the universe redirecting you to start up your own company.
  2. It will motivate you into trying something new in a different direction or environment.

If you want something, go for it, don’t let the fear of rejection stop you from attempting, you wouldn’t know until you have tried

Remember, rejection is not the end of that your dream or project, for the fact you were rejected in an interview does not mean you won’t get a job or even something better, for the fact that girl or that guy turn down your proposal doesn’t mean the world will come to an end.

Always tell yourself this rejection is redirection and something better is coming for me.

Thank you for reading, kindly drop your thought in the comment section and please, please and please share with someone.

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