Rebranding Yourself: Adding Value COVID-19

Rebranding Yourself While on Lockdown

Every human wants something good just like you do too, but without value, nothing can be considered good. Don’t get it twisted, you are a good person with just different personality.

But when people can’t see the value they want in you, or you are out of value, then you are as good as nothing. In other to stay above, here is a guideline for you.


This may put you off if you are not ready for this phase, but it is important to get it right that you are no different from a common stick of candy. A candy goes through a rebrand, something must keep you to candy for 10 years or more, that is the power of rebranding.

Your candy is either coming with a new taste or a new wrap, new shape that catches your attention on a candy stand. It is expedient you must rebrand yourself, draw up a new chart, figure out your specific potentials, how can you build on it, and get improvement.

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Now that the whole world has drifted, what is your next move? what’s the plan for the next phase of life after the pandemic situation? If you ask me, who do I ask too?  But trust me I have something for you, let’s take a stroll.


Lol, that’s funny, right? But yeah I want to send you back to school. One of the greatest gifts you can offer your self is to unlearn and learn again. Forget what you have learnt before now, beg your pardon, I don’t mean forget it totally, build more on it.

Do a checklist and see what areas do you need to improve on, what skills do you need to achieve. What do you need to learn again? What do you need to unlearn?

The pandemic situation is not a time to seat, eat, wine and dine, regardless of the situation. Trust me the world system has entrusted you a golden opportunity that you may never be able to buy anywhere and it may never come your way again. TIME!

Time waits for no man, but the whole world halted for you and me, if you get that, then you are on track to rebranding yourself.

Don’t just lockdown at home and lock down your potentials, develop more, learn a new skill, and work on relationships, work on the marriage, build up a new network, let go of relationships, friendships that you can’t cope with.

Ensure you do something meaningful this period and empower yourself for the next phase of life after the pandemic. You might want to give excuses for financial constraints but trust me there are 1001 excuses that I can help you with, they won’t help you in any way.

The tech world has experienced a paradigm shift, you can either be a tutor or get tutored via the internet, there are thousands of free courses online to engage you and build your desired skills.

Learning is already at your doorstep if not on your lap, so why not grab it firmly.
Seatback, ask yourself what do you want to learn, dive into it, get the skills, and anticipate the future. If you have to join webinars join, if you have to join an educational platform seek for it, learning knows no boundary.

Expand your circles
Rebranding yourself is not just, for self-gratification, while learning and building up your skills set, remember that you still need to keep your circles intact. Remember you can not be an island, you need to flow and penetrate vital areas of life.

While enjoying the lockdown, don’t just chit-chat about COVID-19 that you have no single idea of. But the name is on your lip because the news is everywhere. I am not saying don’t prevent yourself, but don’t study the virus more than the virologists.

As you talk about the virus, talk about potentials too, talk about business opportunities, look out on a credible mentor this period if you need one or add more to your portfolio.

Having a network of professionals around you will set you on the path, it means you have someone to guide you, you have people who can give answers to your puzzles. Another advantage for you is that you have chances of collaborating with like minds and this brings a lot of benefit to your table.

Nevertheless, successful networking is beyond just meeting people, you must have what it takes to sustain the process, you must develop strategies, invest time and resources, review your network at intervals, give them wonderful feedback, let them know how they have contributed to your life. Appreciating your network might land you a golden opportunity one day.

If you want to see how networking works out, try and play to the gallery one day, and attend an exhibition. Stand afar and observe, watch how professionals relate with one another. If you pay attention, each person will spend a maximum of 2 min, on and on it goes.

But pay rapt attention to this, you will see two people or more talking more than 2 min, they can be there for 30min, you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that prospect is in action.

Your 2 minutes can turn to 30min and 30minutes can turn your life around or you keep trying. Bear this in mind not every network will yield a result, so don’t get frustrated when you can’t get this, but it is important to keep a worthy network.

I will not fail to remind you that this period is a golden opportunity for you and I. Trust me, the world system will be restored, but it will never be the same again.

After the pandemic, what will your next phase of life be? Are you coming back with fears and timidity? This is not to scare you, but it’s gonna be tough out there, and the rat race will continue.

Remember that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong. Let wisdom be profitable to guide you, unlearn and learn again rebrand and be prepared for the next world. 

What lesson have you learnt during this lockdown? How much value have you been adding? Are you rebranding yourself? Drop a comment below and remember to share with your friends.

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4 thoughts on “Rebranding Yourself: Adding Value COVID-19

  • April 20, 2020 at 10:37 am

    Finished two courses last week, working on the third one and have plan on getting two more well sort for skills

    • April 25, 2020 at 9:10 am

      That’s a great way to go, keep the flame alive and do more. Cheers!

  • April 20, 2020 at 12:26 pm

    This is such a powerful piece.

    I learned so much here. It is very essential to brand and rebrand yourself.

    My take home from here:

    1. Identify the skills you have and plan how you can improve on them during this period
    2. Invest into relationships. This is a good time to spark up new relationships

    • April 25, 2020 at 9:09 am

      Thank for your beautiful highlighted points… cheers!


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