this is a wake-up call to all meaningful Nigerians  out there. across the social media has been an image of leopard illustrating the new community police Amotekun initiated by the southwest governors. and I must say this has gotten embracement by 70 % of the southwests.  

Then it begs the question if police reformation is now a forgotten topic, could it be that the south-west is the only sensitive ethnics seeing the dangers that others cant see.

 do we now ditch the effort of people like Segalink, Yemifash, Saif and others trying on a daily basis to push for police reformation across the states?

Its a big sarcasm how people now justifies Amotekun with the holy book(bible) the book of Jeremiah 5:6  Wherefore a lion out of the forest shall slay them, and a wolf of the evenings shall spoil them, a leopard shall watch over their cities: every one that goeth out thence shall be torn in pieces: because their transgressions are many, and their backslidings are increased.

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If you are a Christian and you are pushing this passage, your bible knowledge should be questioned.

to behead the head is not the solution to headache, it is totally a misplaced priority to opt for amotekun at this stage. Nigeria is currently having so much in her plate, adding amotekun to it is not advisable.

it is important to take note that while trying to provide community police, there is a tendency for community hooliganism.

Where are the OPC , where are the Bakassi boys, didn’t they misused the power given to them to protect? in the end, it was another form of fraternity in disguise that has aided cultism in some part of the country

can we say the police have disappointed so many times? Yes, in fact, it is so hard to trust them fully with our lives without proper reformation.

can the south-west trust Amotekun fully? no, 6 months will be too long for Amotekun to misuse the power and forfeit the goal behind Amotekun. Does Nigeria have what it takes to sustain police reformation? Yes, are there resources and equipment? Yes. at this point, I will say unapologetically that the police are not different from Amotekun, but it is just worrisome that when you purchase patrol vehicles and other equipment, 4 to 6 months down the lane, you will most likely cry because there is no maintenance culture.

Therefore it is pertinent that the police reformation is properly reviewed and from there you can watch them discharge their duty peacefully and honestly.

considering the set of people that will run Amotekun , it is strongly advised to get competent personnel if at all that is what the common southwest wishes to go for. there is nothing wrong with Amotekun initiative as this is not against the law, but it should be given proper legislation instead of going through the back door. 



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