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Paternity Fraud and DNA Test

Paternity fraud (paternal discrepancy) is a situation where a child is wrongly pinned on a man in the guise that he is the legitimate father of the child.

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As a man, can you father another man’s child? I don’t want to make this post about men, as a woman can you mother another woman’s child? Whew! This must be a difficult question to answer, I think you are in the best position to answer this question.

Imagine training a child for 8 years, only to wake up one day, due to some unforeseen situation,  you got to know you’re not the father of the child, the pain could be excruciating, not necessarily about the child but because of the lies and betrayal from someone you once trusted. But do we have to blame the poor child, no!

Paternity fraud is on the rise, some women freely lie to their spouses about the true paternity of their children. This is rather a provoking conversation on social media as women brand men as cheaters and men doing the same.

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If you ask me what could be the reason for this marital infidelity, I will gladly air my opinion, I feel no woman want to give birth to a “bastard” some tribes believe “the honour of a woman is her husband,” in cases where a woman gets pregnant for another man who is not ready for marriage, she looks for the man that is ready for marriage, the rest becomes stories that touch the heart. She just “gats” to do what she got to do, to “save herself from giving birth out of wedlock.

For the married ones, it could be that they want to shy away from taking responsibility for their action.  In our culture, divorce is seen as taboo by some tribes and religious bodies, she would rather lie about the child paternity. The consequences for paternity fraud could be divorce and we’ve heard cases where a man slumped and died because of this lie.

Wrong identification of children in hospital could be another factor, this becomes a big challenge to a woman who cannot give an account to what happened.

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Do you know paternity fraud poses more threats to the child? It’s a modern world we live in, the truth of child paternity might be hidden, but not for long. People undergo a DNA test and genetic profiling or for visa application. It is a world where some medical decisions are now influenced by genetic like an organ transplant.

As a man, if you have any doubt or you feel the need to run a DNA test, do not hesitate, go for it!

Thank you for reading. How will you feel, if a DNA test is carried out and it confirmed you are not the legitimate son/daughter of your father, what will you do?  I am in the comment section let’s discuss. The purpose of this post is not to prove who cheats more.


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