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Nigerians In UAE: One Year Without Work Permit

The government of the people, by the people and for the people. Today marks exactly one Nigerians in United Arab Emirate (UAE) has been denied a working permit. What is the government doing about this? what is the hope of a common man? In my view, the people’s government is a government made for the people and stands for the people and this power is what the people can trust. The government is the voice of the people and this is what the consulate represents.

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Over hundreds of Nigerians are suffering from this job restriction, it’s hilarious to say that this is unofficial and the UAE government has debunked this, you can verify this on AIT News but we can ask are Nigerians targetted?

The Response from the Consulate General – Consulate General invited some Nigerian to her office at beginning of the struggle, because we were seeking her attention regarding the Issue Nigerians are facing in UAE and she said “she is doing this because she wants to arrest us” that was intimidating she further instructed us to “go home and be singing the praises of the Nigeria government.” As a mother, we believe she will step and help us, because without Nigerians in UAE who does the consulate represent?

I can tell you, they’ve been trying to shut us up, through every form of intimidation and harassment.

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What could have caused this? There is this African Proverb which says “when two giant elephants are fighting the grass bears the pain.” 

In the struggle to work and earn ends meets legally, most Nigerians are back home because they couldn’t afford to live in UAE and fend for their families, many are jobless and today we remember the story of late Mr Olarewaju Akanji who died because he couldn’t get a work permit.

One of our correspondence sent a message in his words he said “our people de die in silent, my brother, the die wey I mean no be by hunger, foodstuff or money. normal die.”

He narrated the story of a Nigerian bouncer in Abu Dhabi, he earn pretty well and lost his means of living because he couldn’t renew his work permit, but that is not all.


“As a bouncer, frustration set in because he could not renew his work permit, as I de tell you, the guy die last week for Abu Dhabi, when de rush am go hospital doctor tok say na heart attack, over thinking don kill this guy unto work permit, person wey get money before because e no fit pay house rent and feed himself.”

Is there hope for Nigerians in UAE?

As published by Punchng on the 16 Jan 22 “UAE authorities have assured Nigeria that the suspension on the renewal of visas and work permits for unskilled and unprofessional migrant.” We think this work permit ban has lingered and it seems all hope is lost, but no, all hope is not lost, We are Nigerians and we don’t give up, We are born fighters who will work legally and intellectually to see the government intervene.

This is one of the many, flagitious and grievous cases of how Nigerians are subjected to hardship.

We have a Presidential aspirant HE Atiku Abubakar who is in Dubai and I am sure his voice will go a long way if he decides to say anything with respect to the ongoing situation, I believe we will be free, yes, he is not in government but we believe in his influence.

We can’t do without mentioning how they use the media have been used to subdue our voices, change the narrative and put the blame on us. Do you think Nigeria is the only country that commits a crime in UAE, why are Nigeria cases amplified?

Today we remember those we lost in the struggle, may their souls find peace.

Today we celebrate. COMRADE CITIZEN TOSIN, EJIRO, ESTHER DAVID, JUDE, EMMA, AKOGUN, KAYODE, AYODEJI, DAVID and other anointed Citizens who participated and contributed to this struggle. In the spirit of solidarity we want to say thank you for your love and support, this shall pass and victory is sure!

We indulge all Nigerians in UAE to continue to be law and abiding citizens.


4 thoughts on “Nigerians In UAE: One Year Without Work Permit

  1. Truly we are smiling and suffering, our government has failed us, we hope UAE Govt can atleast think about it and plss do something… let judgements be giving to those who don’t obey the law and not all of us

  2. Yes we the people are the ones suffering and feeling the pain of our leaders ignorant and their incompetence

  3. The issue of work permit for Nigerians in UAE has been likened to that of an abandoned “orphan”. Nigerians working legally in the UAE are subjected to varied tons of hardship. Sadly, the government of the day has abandoned her citizens to their fate with no effort to ameliorate the situation. The Nigerian president hastily came to condole with the Emirates over the passing of their president but has turned deaf ears to the cries of her citizens in UAE due to the ban on work permit and contract renewal. It’s so sad an experience!

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