No Excuses – The easiest and commonest thing to do in the face of daunting and debilitating challenges is to give up. There are a thousand and one justifications for giving up. The world is full of people who are fond of giving excuses for their defeat, setbacks and failures; to mention just a few. May I shock you, you have no excuse to fail no matter your situation, circumstances or challenges. 

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I am sure you are vexed and you possibly may have termed my assertion to be hasty or faulty. The success stories of many world champions, achievers, record-breakers and victors reveal that nobody has any excuse to fail and anybody can become somebody. 

One of my best hobbies is reading biographies or autobiographies of successful people across the world. The glaring revelation from the stories of world achievers is that virtually all of them are people with an inconsequential background who rose from abject poverty and penury to attain stardom. 

You don’t know my story, Mr Writer. You don’t know what I have gone true. My case is peculiar. These are the languages of failures. You cannot be dressed in the robe of a failure and expect to have the result of champions. Failures give excuses but successful people keep striving and give results. You can’t think the thought of a grasshopper and have the result of an elephant. 

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One great factor that will irresistibly cause you to scale all life challenges; defeats and failures and catapult you from penury to success; lack to abundance and poverty to failure; is PERSISTENCE. What differentiates successful people from failures is PERSISTENCE

The greatest problem with humanity which is unknown to many is that people give up too soon. Man is not wired naturally to enjoy defeat, obstacles and challenges. But the truth is that defeat, obstacles and challenges are the very wrung which successful people leverage to move from nothing to something. 

Listen, failure is not the opposite of success. Failure is part of success. Never be averse to failure and never give up on your goal because of failure or challenges. There is no lofty goal you pursue that will be easy and never expect life to be easy. Make up your mind to succeed irrespective of the challenges you face. This is what is called resilience, determination and perseverance. This is the GOLDEN nugget all achievers leverage to attain outstanding heights. 

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You are not a failure until you give up on your dreams. If you fail to give up; you will eventually win. Failure is a trickster; it has the propensity to show up when you are on the verge of success. If only you will learn to persist a little more; you will succeed. The habit of hanging on irrespective of daunting challenges is the secret of champions.

Note the following:

  1. Never believe you are a failure. You aren’t. You only fail if you stop trying. Keep trying.
  2. Never say never. The truth is that nothing is impossible; it may be difficult 
  3. Distractions and impatient are the enemies of PERSEVERANCE.
  4. Success is one foot beyond defeat. Try more. 
  5. Perseverance is a habit; it can be learnt or inculcated.

Excuses don’t help; it is only an escapist mentality. Perseverance is the secret of champions. Behind the story of any great man is a story of a man who refused to give up. 


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2 thoughts on “NO EXCUSES

  1. Impatient personality types are ready to get things done. They’re often the ones moving projects forward, advancing new ideas, and looking for ways to cut through bureaucratic red tape. Waiting is anathema to the impatient person. In the extreme, they may move ahead too soon without the right information, especially if they also tend to be risk takers.

  2. There is no excuse for failure, A man who get results is a man who is willing to count the cost & knowing how to finish it.

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