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How to switch my career

At some point in our lives, we long and thirst to switch from a career to another, starting all over in a different career. Maybe at a time in your life you are not satisfied with your present career, probably you have a flair or passion for Programming, HR, or Data Analysis deep down you discretely believe you will make a good one.

At this point you’re faced or traumatized with the “what if and how’s” questions, you are trying to figure it all out before diving in, well, this is a good way to make the evaluation. It becomes frustrating and challenging, considering the fact you need to start from scratch, build in new portfolios and acquire new skills.

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Does that mean switching a career to a different career is a bad idea?  Obviously not ­­– before asking the question how do I switch my career, it is imperative you think it through, and ensure you are doing with the right reason. It requires you to put in the necessary work, prepare and be consistent.

“Never test the depth of the river with both the feet.”

Warren Buffet

How to my Switch Career

  • To have a successful transition, you shouldn’t quit your present career/job, without the necessary information required for your new career, for the moment let your present career serve as a passive means of income and talk to the people that are already good at that field.

“If I have seen further than others, it’s by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”

Isaac Newton

As you position yourself for a career switch – Don’t see it as starting over instead see it as you are redeploying your skill.

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  • Develop yourself – so long you understand the reason you are on the move to another career, use the resource at your present place of work to develop yourself. Make your findings, on what training and opportunities are at your disposal and leverage them.

For instance, you might be in the marketing department and want to transition to Digital marketing, maybe your company needs such services, you can easily proffer a solution.

  • Leave in peace – against all odd, no matter how challenging your working environment is leave in peace and don’t slam the door. A relationship is everything and you wouldn’t know whose recommendation you will need. Stay connected with everyone.

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