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How to Mind Your Business and as Well as Your Employers.

I personally dislike anything that will weigh on my peace of mind, hey, my mantra is “my peace of mind is paramount” nothing should get to me nor my peace of mind, people can be messy, judgmental, lively and all. What makes up sweet memory is the peace and happiness we drive in our dealings. How can you be happy without minding your business? But sometimes there could be times you might need to mind other people’s business, just maybe because of the wrong that you need to correct, nothing is bad about it, right?

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When you hear the word mind your business what comes into your mind? Is it rude to tell others to mind their business? Does minding your business necessarily mean refraining or stopping interfering with other people’s affairs? Lots of questions rights? No matter how you want to see it, “mind your business” from my perspective is growing and branding yourself despite the businesses of others. This is not being selfish; it does not necessarily say avoiding other people or being in competition with other people.  

Minding your business is a skill on its own, like trying to stay away from some things that could be fun, and makes living more interesting, did I just say that? Yes, I did! Imaging ignoring some drama, as in movies and the gist that comes along with it? But does it really make living more interesting? Based on my experience the answer is yes and no (I am not sitting on the fence).


How Do You Mind Your Business?

Thou shall not gossip.

Gossip? Yes, trust me gossiping about other people is not what you want to do. Don’t be a carrier of rumour. Come and give me a gist…

Have you heard that Mercedes had a heated argument with her husband, it is actually breaking their marriage because Mercedes can’t get pregnant after 3 years in marriage, I heard she can’t conceive, because her womb got damaged?

How fun this can be to gossip about other people’s affairs. Don’t be the receiver or sender of gossip.  

It doesn’t go well with the gossipers when this gist gets to their hearing, it’s pathetic that most times stories can be twisted, filled with lies and sometimes a way to malign other people.

Don’t Be Judgmental.

“Take people as they are.” If you think you are perfect and no one opinion matters then you are not living. People are going through things more than you know or can think, it’s a crazy world, everyone is carrying his/her challenge and this experience in most case affect these people and there you are judging someone?

Yes, you might want to correct the character of your friends and family but you need to correct in love, not judge and don’t be the Mr Perfect or chief adviser. Mind your business if you can’t be a no man’s judge.

You are responsible for Your Actions

Say, it to yourself “I am responsible for my action and inaction.” We human have a way of casting or apportioning blames to others for our action and inaction. We are all flawed, but does putting your blame on other people make you feel fine? Minding your business is like minding your emotional outburst. It’s not everything you fight for but you can be smart with your response.  Someone said “you are st*pid and my response was just like you and I moved on. I could have ignored but at this point, I gave him the shit he made and my emotions were intact.

To mind your business and your employer

Your employer is someone that pays you, minding your business helps you grow and minding your employer’s business, helps you to leverage and meet organizational goals. Nothing is hazardous like a working place filled with gossipers, to stand out you need to stand well and minding your business is wisdom and “wisdom is the principal thing” if you want to grow.


Nothing gets you into trouble like poke noising, you can have your nose cut off by sticking it to where it does not belong.

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6 thoughts on “How to Mind Your Business and as Well as Your Employers.

  1. Truly, I used to find it insulting when I hear mind your business. But ever since I started minding my business, I have peace of mind.

    I love the part you said, ‘ Nothing gets you into trouble like poke noising, you can have your nose cut off by sticking it to where it does not belong’. Very true!

    Thanks for this interesting topic.

  2. Yes minding someone business is very important
    When employee stay out of gossips there is possibility that it will increase productivity
    That being said there are two sides to a coin positive and negative gossips

    Talking about how to improve someone’s knowledge so that the employee can be more productive is an example of a positive gossip
    But talking about employee personal life behind their back is a negative gossip
    Learn the difference and let’s all mind our business.

  3. Lovely article. I would like to buttress the review with a text from the Holy Book.

    1Thess.4.11 – This should be your ambition: to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands, just as we commanded you before.
    1Thess.4.12 – As a result, people who are not Christians will respect the way you live, and you will not need to depend on others to meet your financial needs.

    Minding your own business ultimately sets you on a path to financial freedom.

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