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How To Make Money From Writing

Gone are those days when you have to read content and articles and you begin to marvel if it was written by an alien.  The truth is they are written by humans like you and I. 

Looking at the world today, content writing remains one of the fastest and most lucrative industries in the world. 

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I have a mentor who will always say that money does not exist, it’s all hanging in the universe, but you need one thing to bring money to reality.  IDEA

You need to turn your content writing skills into money if you have this, all you need is to find a possible way of expressing yourself. 

There is nothing you want to create today; you must first write it out to ensure it makes sense to you and makes sense to your audience. 

According to statistics in 2016, the content writing market was evaluated to the sum of 195.58  billion dollars, going by the current market growth in 2022, the industry is now evaluated to the sum of 412.88 billion dollars isn’t that amazing? 

So the question is are you still in doubt? 

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There is always a need for content, so you need to understand the utility, purpose and objectives of content before you dive into it. Today every industry out there needs content to convey messages to the audience and consumers to get them to buy into the industry’s vision. 

If you are a lazy person who doesn’t like to write or read then this industry is not for you. 

You must have a reading, learning and writing mind to survive this industry. And this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, you must invest in it, time and dedication are of the essence. 

There are days you won’t have the inspiration to write, but you must find a balance which is why you need to read, make research and find out what other writers are saying. Look out for trending topics that will push any industry to the limelight.  

Here are 9 industries to make money as a content writer 

Travel  and tourism 

In considering content writing, you need to understand the command of words at a particular time.  The travel industry comes with descriptive information such that the reader understands clearly the information about the country of choice. 

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 This is where accurate information comes to play by giving the right information about the hotel, food and locations and other alluring features

Education industry 

The covid19 has played a major role in the education system hence it brought many to see the other side of education as it doesn’t have to be taught only in a classroom but can be taught in the comfort of your home.

This is to ascertain the fact that the education sector will have a  high demand for writers who will bring value to the education platform. 

Health  sector 

The health sector is a huge market that allows writers to appeal to different audiences, the topics are different and the points are structured in different ways as it talks about the human mind and body. 

We have medical writers and health informative writers that give out informative content, guides and training. Also, the constant need to give information about features and services provided on clinical diagnoses is highly valuable to prospective customers. 

Fitness and Wellness

It is important to understand how the body works and without quality information, one will continue to bear the burden of stress and fatigue this is where the fitness writer comes in with detailed information. 

In-depth articles and content on health and fitness programs bring total optimization of different exercise and diet plans.

Health and Fitness writers are doing great work ensuring that the mental health of an individual is fully explained and well managed in other to have a balanced lifestyle. 

Fashion and Grooming

The way you dress is purely the way you look,  I  am sure you want to look funky and trendy. 

The help of fashion and grooming writers has done a lot of justice to products and services in the fashion industry. Such as helping us know the latest brand in town,  names of such brands and the quality of each brand. The information from the fashion industry can not be underestimated, this helps consumers’ decision powers on purchasing any of the items. 

The fashion industry is big and you can decide to pitch your tent and be more elaborative on each product and service while explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each product. 

Business Development  Writer

Today companies are beginning to look outside the organization and scout for talented business writers that are keen and vast in economic trends and growth.

Business writers provide crucial and extensive information alongside market trends, data analysis and statistics. Understudying  an establishment is what gives the business writer  and  edge on information about the business goals,  objectives,  mission and vision as this brings more clarity to businesses. 

Copywriting and Advertising Industry

Copywriting keeps growing as the industry remains in high demand for the propagation of an organization.  Copywriting helps the industry to thrive by incorporating the right information and content that solves the problems of the audience. Copywriting is essentially writing appealing content for the propagation of an organization and its various products and services. 

A Copywriter is said to be proficient enough to incorporate the information in their content which solves problems of the target audience. 

The advertising industry thrives globally. Copywriting via the online medium is an accelerated and preferred means of communicating the advantages and values of the brand.

The advertising sector goes the extra mile in hiring content writers to make persuasive and encouraging content that will drive customers’ interest. 

Culinary Industry 

The culinary industry remains a lucrative sector that is running on high demand. There are several food lovers that crave information on continental dishes, cuisines,  hotels and restaurants. The food industry is big and gives room for writers to explore opportunities in the industry.

Culinary writers must be lovers of foods, someone who is always ready to try out new recipes and give information about such food.  There is a need for clarity and understanding of the industry by giving out compelling and descriptive information that will trigger the reader to want to try out such food in any of the restaurants. 

Technical Industry 

 This is a very critical job I must say because the information that goes out there requires more knowledge and understanding of the technology sectors.

The technical writers undergo a series of research work and provide informative and descriptive manuals on different technologies by breaking down information to an understandable level for nontechnical people to be able to read and understand it. 

The technical writers are doing a great job.  Take for instance you bought a product like a home appliance and you don’t know how to operate it, but with the help of  the manual that  has been simplified by  the technical 

writers will help in setting up the appliances. 

Technical writing is broad and this is why most  B2B businesses incorporate them into their business es so they can interpret and give detailed technical information about new products. 

Technical writers will continue to be in demand as many new devices are been produced and there will need to explain and give information about the products.  

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Conclusion: content writing

Being a content writer, I will say content writing is a way of expressing your ideas, thoughts and knowledge of expressing your knowledge, thoughts, and ideas about a topic. 

Thank you for reading, I  hope the tips are helpful. watch out for more content and don’t forget to hit the comment section and share your opinion as will be waiting to have your view please feel free to ask me questions.  

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