How to Grow Your Business on Social Media.

Social Media; In this 21st century, the way of doing business has changed, this is not new to anyone, the internet has made things so easy that you can market your goods and services to thousands and millions of prospects in a push of a button.

Digital marketing has become a buzzword, everything has gone digital. The traditional way of marketing is not enough.

Can you remember the last time you sat down to see a movie from a television set?

I am sure you prefer streaming it on your phone, statistics has it that an average person wakes up with their phone in their hands.

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Facebook alone has over 10,000 billion users, have you ever wondered how you can convert these prospects into customers?

To grow your business or beat competition social media marketing, SEO marketing, email marketing, web marketing etc is extremely important and can’t be ignored.

It is as essential, as a business person, if you don’t like your result, then you need to change your approach of doing business, the good thing is these tools are FREE!

Have you read the story of how Netflix CEO Wilmont Reed initiated an idea to launch a “video on demand” service in 1997, Netflix CEO 2000 approached the all-time video giant Blockbuster for a partnership but was turned down by Blockbuster CEO. In 2005 Netflix has annihilated Blockbuster.

Blockbuster did not understand the changing market, the demand and buyers persona. A business that fails to change with the changing market and demand will end up going bankrupt.

Technology is taking over the world. Do you know as a business person you can set up a business without having a physical store?

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The internet is one of your best way of growing your business, you end up taking your business to a new pool of customers, it is easy for people to find your business.

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I can tell you categorically if you’ve not taken the advantage of social media to scale your business, you are lagging behind.

I know the question in your mind is

How do I put my social media handle into good use?

I have tried but it is not working out well…

I won’t dive deeper into telling you all about it in this post…

But then…

Don’t you think you’re using your social media handle in the wrong way if you’re not getting the right result, this is what to do.


Maybe you need to create contents that create brand awareness and engages your viewers about your business and product.

What to do

  • Let your content solve a problem not just point at a solution.
  • Let your content be informative, educative and entertaining

You don’t post for posting sake, let your post meet the need of your prospects. Ensure you don’t just write a content use a compelling image with good design.

“A good image worth a thousand word.” The truth is every post, tweet, status is a tool that leverages your sales online or offline.

Not only image if you can create a 20 – 30-sec videos on your product this works faster than you can ever imagine.

Synchronizing your online and offline store helps you to make unprecedented sales, not like having a landing page (website), with a modern website you can receive payment even while you sleep, it helps you market your business 24/7/365 no employee can do that!

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Is this not awesome!

Thank you for reading, drop your comment below, ask any question and please, please and please share with someone.

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