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How to Find a Job in Dubai

Job hunting can be stressful, it possess a threat to your mental health, we understand your plight, and in this article, we will give you guidelines on how to find a job in Dubai, for some, this will be instant and for others, it might take a while. UAE is known for tourism, the good news is Dubai has the employer’s market, although some companies are laying off their staff and, for some reason, reemploying these staff back. There are lots of opportunities out there, the question is, what approach are you deploying to getting your dream job.

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Most times employees find it difficult to get employed because all they got is a visit visa. It is difficult to get a job with a tourist visa but not impossible, we are here to walk through the process. Another thing to consider is don’t pay anyone promising you a job, this could appear to be a scam in most cases and ensure your CV is in Dubai format (if you need one let me know in the comment section).

How to find a job in Dubai

  • Put your CV in the best order, your CV is the virtual representative and must represent you well.
  • Take a walk to companies and submit your CV physically as some companies barely publish or advertise their openings
  • Submit your CV online; this is one of your fastest means of getting a job. Don’t forget “hunting for a job is the job itself.” Send out resumes on these websites early in the morning (HR in most cases check their mail at the start of a working day). Create an account on LinkedIn, engage employing managers, visit Bayt.com, Dubizzle, Indeed UAE, monster gulf, Naukri gulf alfuttaim.com, Landmarkgroup.com, albatha.com, altayer.com and gulf talent

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What to do when hunting for a job in Dubai

  1. Acquire a skill: Enrolling on a skill will get you a job faster than you can ever imagine. With your new certificate you can land a good-paying job in most cases this takes one to three months.
  2. Make researches for companies find out their career section on their website and apply directly.
  3. The relationship is everything, reach out to people for open, politely speak to strangers.
  4. Location determines how fast you’ll land a job.
  5. At some point, you might need to apply for different jobs, ensure you modify your resume to fit the opportunity you are applying for.

In conclusion

To find a job in Dubai you need a spice of patience and perseverance, not giving up, and set a goal of sending out 50 to 100 job applications in a day. Don’t hunt for a job like everyone else be smart about hunting for a job, know that the internet is your best friend, and then use it immensely. Following our directive on how to get a job in Dubai can land you a job faster than expected.

Feel free to ask question(s) in the comment section, I will gladly answer, as many as possible. Good luck!

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12 thoughts on “How to Find a Job in Dubai

  1. I find your piece very intriguing and helpful. Thanks for sharing . I am an admirer and follower of ” My Cup of Tea”. I am also a Member of the Nigerian Citizen in UAE.

      1. The Prof himself, kudos for this lovely piece. I hope it will facilitate and pave way for many Africans that are newly in the UAE.

  2. l love your piece of advise, very interesting to follow up. please l have a question to ask. l have gotten an offer of employment as a senior staff to work in a hospital twice, l receive a well prepared coloured offer pages and at the end l should contact their Agency to seek for Work permit/Residency permit and pay some amount of money. After doing this, l will be reimburse with a two month upfront salary pending after submitting all receipt to their HR manager of the hospital. l want to ask if this is genuine or is fraud? l only submit written details when applying and the next thing l saw, no interview, no phone call, no nothing that l am qualified, l was qualified from their letter and ask me to pay to their Agency to get Work permit etc…. l want to know if this is real?

    1. Please kindly disregard the offer, that’s not a standard for any company to recruit you by asking you to go and pay an agency. It is the duty of the agency to do the necessary documentation on your behalf.

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