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How to deal with a bully in a working environment

The campaign for mental health is very applaudable in society today, this is to ensure that everyone is mentally stable and brings out the best of their productivity. However, we must not forget to dive into the realm of office bullies. This is also a serious threat to the workforce and can render all the effort to mental awareness campaigns useless if not checkmated.

Many of us used to know that bullies are usually associated with teenagers or children as the case may be, but we have to realize one thing, bullies will always be a bully and they often grow into adulthood and the question remains where are these bullies?

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Funny but sad, the majority of them are in the workforce today, they are part of the decision-makers and you can be sure they continue from their old habit, some old habits don’t die.

Truth be told, bullies dont easily drop their habit, do they? Bullying can really affect your mental health and make you feel unwanted, not good enough and in some cases lead to low self-esteem. It’s hilarious, but pathetic how a bully can gaslight you and end up playing the victim card.

Trust me if bullies are not confronted, they persist and prey on their victims, are you a bully victim? If yes, you need to stick your head high and confront your bully in a smart possible way. Until you outsmart your bully, he will keep trailing you, dont go physical with him/her. I understand human h*te taking the sh*t they give, try an outplay him in his own game.

How to deal with a bully

  • Create a list of responses that you can use to tackle him/her. Use direct response and this will aggravate and make him back off. Simple words but don’t appear antagonistic: “Whatever”, “Okay”, “don’t be a bully” and “smile.”
  • Demonstrate an appealing look, your bully enjoys seeing you down and moody, ensure you smile, maintain eye contact and use a deep voice when in contact with a bully. “How you look when you encounter a bully is more important than what you say.” – Dr Borba.
  • Don’t isolate yourself from your colleagues at work, this helps to build your confidence, and performance while at work, bullies want to make you feel you ain’t fitted in a position.
  • There is always a right way to react when you come across your bully, one of them is never give him your tears, don’t feel unimportant and above all laugh and walk away.

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8 thoughts on “How to deal with a bully in a working environment

    1. Thank you for your beautiful feedback, please kindly share it with your friend, can”t wait to read your feedback again, as we believe this will help your friend to bounce back with confidence.

  1. Bullying behaviors include:
    • physical intimidation or harm—tripping, hitting, pushing or spitting on a victim
    • social exclusion, making fun of the victim, teasing, name calling and/or insults
    • threats, property destruction, making the victim do something s/he doesn’t want to do
    • spreading rumors or lies about the victim

    this were part of the things i experience back in school
    Bullying can affect mental, physical and emotional health during school years and into adulthood. It can lead to physical injury, social or emotional problems and in some cases, even death.
    bullying is every where

  2. Though bullying itself has a positive side effect cause the victim over time develops the strength within to face any challenging matter.

    And knows how to handle the situation once it evolves and help others that has fall victim.

    But the negative and detrimental effect it has is always much more than the positive effect it has on the sufferer.

    Many people are depressed, and frustrated and some even commit suicide/plan to; cause they already felt they have no value and others are way, way better than them.

    Being bullied can affect every area of the victim’s life and this can go on for a lifetime if not communicated, and addressed.

    Some are even scared of speaking up but they suffer from low self-esteem as a result of their encounters with a bully.

    I think parents should teach their children self-defense..cause bullies will be encountered in every sphere of life either home or abroad.

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