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How to Change the World: It Begins With You

Many people desired change in the world, it’s only changed people that can change the world, but the question is can they pay some little prices attached to these changes. This may sound funny, but the biggest truth you may never have known for years. To change the world, I challenge you to start by making your own bed every time you get off it in the morning.


By making your bed every morning, you have successfully achieved a task, there is a sense of humour that comes with making your bed each time because you have successfully completed the first task of the day and this propels you to take on more tasks. What change do you want to see? Hey, you need to start practising what you want to see.

Let me bring you back on track, it’s not just about making your bed, but the reality that little things we don’t take note actually matter in life. If you cant fix the little things such as your bed, how do you intend to change the world? You can only change the world by fixing the little things around you.

This is a reality no one will ever tell you, come rain or sunshine, good day or bad day, your bed is your greatest companion before anyone else.

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When you had a bad day, your bed and pillow are where you settle it all, that’s where you have a replay and true reflection of that disappointment that comes with the pain you feel.

For every good day, your bed is where you joyfully jump into and sheepishly smile at the good deals, the compliments you get from people. To change the world might seem like a nightmare for you because you can’t figure out where and how to start the change.

The same thing goes for your bed, your bed could be a nightmare because you failed to make your bed, and after a long day of tiredness, you just have to settle into another nightmare.

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To criticize the world about change is very cheap, but be true to yourself, if you are given the mantle of leadership, can you successfully take the lead. Change begins right under your roof, not in the office, not in society, but with you.

How you manage little things that seem not to matter, and how you do things without the people are elements that will keep propelling you to do bigger things in society and the world at large.


  • To achieve a change that will help you through life’s curveballs, you must be extraordinarily disciplined and set principles for yourself. Task yourself, level yourself and reward yourself for every successful task.
  • You can change your world if you can deliberately fix the little things you presumed do not matter. “Be the change that you want in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi
  • You cant hide change, you either change for good or bad and it won’t take time for people to actually differentiate.


Many don’t agree that they are lazy, laziness can hinder a change journey, hence one must consciously do away with all forms of lackadaisical attitude. Because it is only laziness or lack of discipline that will make you ignore your bed. HEY! Hold the fist, I just stepped on your toes right? LOL

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3 thoughts on “How to Change the World: It Begins With You

  1. I wonder how we constantly blame the government, the society, the church, and all for the bad things that happens in our world and around us on a daily basis and we forget that as individual we can make the change happen.

    Change doesn’t just occur overnight, it requires a deliberate effort and act, starting from the little things we do on a daily basis.

    I love what you wrote
    You can only change the world by fixing the little things around you.Change begins right under your roof, not in the office, not in society, but with you.

    change indeed begins with us.

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