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How to Become a Copywriter

Copywriting has become a buzzword; you might be asking what exactly is copywriting? I will simply say copywriting is the science of using the right words strategically to make a copywriting (verbally or written), the art of crafting the right words convincingly to sell your products or services and these are words used in ads, promotional publicity, web page, blog post etc. To market products or services, a salesperson needs to contact prospects individually (a person at a time) but a copywriter contacts everyone at the same time through ads, promotions, blog posts, magazines and more. The main purpose of copywriting is to prompt actions.

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Copywriting is an essential skill in this modern world, you don’t need to break your head to make an effective copy, it’s essential to understand the basics of copywriting. Have you wondered why influencers command a lot of audiences? The answer is simply attached to copywriting, it is not just about writing but writing in the tone “you” not “we” (know your audience), an influencer targets a particular audience and not the general readers. He speaks to their need, gives information, entertain and benefits. Understanding this answer your question on “how to become a good copywriter?”

Have you managed an ad on Facebook or other social media platform and you feel you wasted funds running those ads, the question you should ask is did I direct a clear message to my audience? Observe my competitor’s weakness? Did I include a call to action? Did I proofread?  Who is/are my audience? Answering this question put you in line to delivering good copywriting.

Make demographic profiling of your audience:

  • Age
  • Interest
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Ethnicity
  • Income

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How to become a copywriter?

My piece of advice is to avoid giving out too much information. Make your content as short, as possible, while on it, make your prospect ask and always come back for more, humans are wired to ask the question of what is in for me and they will keep coming back for more just like “Oliver Twist” but it depends on what you have to give.


Do you want to become a copywriter? Start practising! Follow copywriters. understand how to use right and less competitive “keywords.”

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