Can I have your attention, please? Someone once mentioned that this year 2020 is supernaturally designed to keep the world at home without any offer of negotiation.

I began to think of those party rockers I will normally come across at events as Master of Ceremony all glammed in the Aso-Ebi with all manner of in-vogue designers ranging from Gucci, Louis Vuitton, D&G, Clark’s and many more to mention a few.

Then the BIG QUESTION popped up: What will happen to all the Aso-Ebi booked and bought for the year 2020 already? What if 2020 never allows an opportunity for a party or social gatherings till it ends?

For those who have been killed by COVID’19, what happens to all their booked and bought designers? Who will use them? A Stranger?

What if we began to redefine our purpose for living and placing less importance on things we hold so high up there as if we will die if we don’t use or have them?

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You will observe it is possible since the lockdown, you must have been wearing your irrelevant clothes or even been wearing just one particular cloth simply because there’s nowhere in view.

It dawned on me that, so many things we couldn’t do without, we have lived weeks and months without doing them. Some will faint if they don’t go clubbing, some will miss an appointment just to watch Europa League, while some can’t do without travelling in a week.

But here we are, all grounded in a place by a virus and we have not done these things in a while but we are still alive.

Hello, somebody, our lives depend on none of these supposed essentials but we have only decided to build our lives around it.

After COVID-19, our lives will be reformed, redefined and repositioned.


John Wesley


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