The most unfortunate thing about formal education is that, notwithstanding the course, you studied in the university, you won’t be taught how to make money or how to keep the money. Money making is an art. In other words, the art of money-making is a conglomerate of principles and rules on how to attract money and keep the money. It is this very art that experts call financial intelligence. Money isn’t something you pursue; it is something you attract. If you understand money’s language or possess adequate financial skills, money will be attracted to you.

The first financial literacy or intelligence everyone needs, to be financially independent, wealthy and rich, is to increase one’s ‘earn-ability’.  It is your earnability that determines the viscosity or flow of money to you. The best way to enhance your earnability and sporadically cause money to flow to you is to work on yourself.

You are not a millionaire or rich because of the amount you have in the bank; you aren’t rich because of how much you inherited. You are rich because of what you worth or what you can generate in terms of your value and capacity. Take away all the money and physical assets, a financially intelligent person has away from him, believe me, in the spate of two years; he will be back successful.

Listen to me, money or wealth doesn’t come to anyone by luck. Money or wealth flows in the direction of value and capacity. Do you want more money? Do you want to be rich or wealthy? Increase your value and capacity by all means and watch the flow of money to you ceaselessly. For things to change for you; you need to change. Your capacity must be enhanced and value addition must be upgraded.

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Permit me to break this principle down in a simpler form. In whatever job or business you do; it is the value of the services you offer and how valuable you are in the marketplace that determines your earnability and the flow of money to you. 

You must build your capacity and value in such a way that your type is rare in the marketplace. Scarcity enhances value. If your type is scarce, the flow of money to you will be rare. Therefore, don’t be a common teacher, a common doctor, a common carpenter, a common mechanic, a common lawyer or a common trader; but be a valuable one.

An uncommon service provider will earn uncommon income. This is simply a product of financial intelligence. 
Consequently, before you step out into any venture build your capacity; add value to yourself; be competent; be outstanding and watch how money flows to you.

Moreover, one of the greatest ways to increase the flow of money to you is by reinvesting what you earn. Money is a seed and every money you earn carries an equivalent seed of fetching you more money. It takes a lot of financial discipline to set apart a fraction of your earnings and reinvest it.

Nobody has enough money, so don’t tell me how much you earn and how difficult it is to invest part of it. Cultivate the habit and the discipline of spending seventy per cent of what you earn; save and invest twenty per cent and sow ten per cent.

From the ancient time till now, investments in land has one of the most outstanding return on investment. Learn the skills of identifying land whose marginal propensity to rise in value and return on investment is high.

No matter how distressed an economy is and no matter the rate of inflation; the value of land doesn’t reduce. 

Your capacity to generate outstanding ideas, design business systems, diagnose high prospective businesses and package your workplace is a level of financial intelligence you mustn’t ignore but build.

The greatest investment of life is yourself. If your financial intelligence base is solidly built, one irresistible lesson you will know is that it doesn’t take money to make money. It takes ideas, capacity, knowledge and financial intelligence to be wealthy. 

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The inner life controls the outer life. This isn’t a vague philosophy. Wealth starts from the mind. If you have poverty mindsets, full of excuses and highly disillusioned about wealth; please forget about being wealthy. Right now, deploy more resources to build your mind. Go and read: the Richest Man in Babylon; Think and Grow Rich, Tough Times Never Last; to mention just a few.

If you do these; your financial intelligence will be enhanced and the viscosity of money to you will multiply. You cannot read great books about money and remain poor. What you read most is what you have most.

Barrister Banjo Ayenakin

Thank you for reading, bear your mind on financial intelligence on the comment section. I await your comment below.



  1. What a great writeup
    I actually learned a lot from this 👇🏼
    You are rich because of what you worth or what you can generate in terms of your value and capacity. And It takes ideas, capacity, knowledge, and financial intelligence to be wealthy. Isn’t this amazing.

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