Face Shield: Protect Yourself, Family and Friends Against Covid-19

Safety Face Shields Anti-Saliva Splash, Anti-Spitting, Anti-Fog, Anti-Oil Transparent Face Mask, Face Shield(Green) and Prevention Product (Color: Transparent)

Safety first: In the face of this pandemic, your safety and that of your friends and family should be your priority, hence the need for these PRODUCTS.

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Here is a REUSABLE: This Faceshield can easily be cleaned and sanitized with alcohol-based disinfectant, and you can wash, rinse and wipe with soft and non-scratchy clothes material.

It is SMART: you look more comfortable just as same as your goggle, the bridge holds the shield away from the face while giving more room for your face.

FREE of ANTI-FOG: you are still maintaining a clear and high level of visibility as well as being protected from fog flooding your sights. 

FULL PROTECTION: This helps to shield your face away from unexpected droplets, sprays and flying particles from falling directly into your face of mouth. 

SAME SIZE ADJUSTABLE: It is durable, resizeable to give you a perfect fit and balancing to shield your face. Order Now

Other PRODUCT that might interest you. Click here to make an ORDER for your sanitizer.

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Other PRODUCT that might interest you. Click here to make an ORDER for your sanitizer

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