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Don’t Chase People

I know it’s stressful to chase people, right? But it’s difficult to walk away also, we just want to try to find out if there is still a glimmer of hope, that things will work out fine again. I can’t tell you categorically to “stop trying to convince people that you are worth keeping or you worth the job.” This is difficult, yes, but doable.

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So, I ran an ad on my WhatsApp status and a client hit me up, we started the conversation on the project, a fascinating one at that, note this is a big client. We talked about everything and anything about the project. But then, all of sudden everything becomes cold and this person plays truant. All chat was ignored and calls as well, I remember what I have to offer is valuable and I don’t need to appear desperate for this person to pick interest in me. But it didn’t end there, in the nearest future, this person came back, and apologized.

It sucks for people to go from hot to cold but do you know what sucks more? Trying to convince anyone to stay or to roll with you. You don’t need to chase people to retain your worth in their lives.

There are different kinds of people, there are those who reach out to you when they need your service(s), to others is when they need money/help, to another, they will rather stick with you in times and seasons.

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If you have an animal farm, try to force it to drink water. It is a precarious thing to do, either way, it won’t oblige no matter how thirsty the animal is.

Don’t chase people, don’t chase people – everything is not about you. When people go cold on you it could be one of these reasons.

  • They have something they are battling with – trust me, sometimes things don’t always seem to appear the way they are. Reach out and always find out, it could be about you or otherwise. They can be busy, depressed or something. Always reach out
  • They have someone else in their lives – at this time you know what to do. They’re literally saying I am done with you, so what do you do? You walk away!
  • You can add more in the comment section – lol

How do I stop chasing people?

  • Be a person of value – always have something to offer, and stop being on the receiving end. Help people around you grow.
  • Be a problem solver – don’t be a problem maker.
  • Develop or improve on your skill – don’t be predictable, have something new to offer. Ideas or something.
  • Honesty and integrity – it’s a crazy world, where people can lie for anything. In your business or dealing with people if you miss any of these points you can’t grow – you can make people keep running to you.
  • Maintain a good character – when you are sweet you attract just like honey.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Chase People

  1. Is pointless, If someone is unsure they want to be in your life, let them go. Their path lies somewhere else. If you do succeed in convincing them to stay, you have a shaky foundation to build on.

  2. You are on point. It is a waste of time to chase after people. Be yourself and keep on adding value. People that are destined to be in one’s life will definitely surface.

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