CUSTOMER SUSTAINABILITY: Building a sustainable customer template surpasses meeting customer expectations considering products and services as determining factors.

Products and services will be of no value if the role of a strong customer relationship is not strong enough to sustain the two elements. There must be a radical and genuine relationship in other to create value.

Understanding that your buyers and consumers are not customers but a guest and should be treated as such will foster rapid and continuous growth in the business. Everyone loves to be treated right; everyone loves to get value for every penny that falls off the pocket. Making your guest have a sense of belongings Deepens the relationship.


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Major Problem and Threat to Building a Customer Sustainability

The major problem surrounding building a sustainable platform is that most businesses have lost focus on customer relationships while trying to be better at the product and other services.

In a customer-focused enterprise, customers are seen as active participants in the business.

  • Customer relationships are tied to profit. 
  • The customer relationship measurement is tracked and managed like any other operation for effectiveness measurement.
  • The organization is aligned in a cohesive framework for high-profit revenue, while still being extremely responsive to its customers.
  • It’s time to think differently to achieve breakthrough performance like this

Customer relationship is a very unique strategy that cannot be stolen. It is very easy for anyone to steal ideas or products and services. But a relationship with the customer is always unique and every customer responds to different relation in a strategic way even if 10 product sellers try to make them see the reason they should buy the products. The relationship must be appealing to them such that they can see value in the product.

Setting a Relationship Path

Loyal customer generates more profit

Implementing customer relationship intelligence will cause a radical shift and bring success to the
business. Selling your products the conventional way will no more be appealing to the guests.

Having realistic business intelligence gives an edge in such a way that it enhances a seamless and cost-friendly interaction with each customer. This can also be used as a yardstick in NPS (net promoting scores) to determine the number of promoters and detractors

The NPS and CRI serves as a frontline tracker of the guests, it reveals their purchasing power

Through the implementation of CRI and NPS, there is an established fact of guests with a potential profit ladder as well as intending guests to reach the cadre of profit generator, it’s a pyramid of POTENTIAL, INTENDING, NON-PROFITABLE.

First Pointer: POTENTIAL
Second Pointer: INTENDING
Third Pointer: NON-PROFITABLE.


The value of a relationship remains a profitable factor for a sustainable and competitive edge among key players. Behaviours are sensitive enough from both the guest and the product front liners, this helps to identify risks around each customer. Considering losing a key guest, and the rigorous stress of gaining such guest back it is important to implement an RV relationship value template.

Stakeholders Impact

The impact of stakeholders goes a long way in creating a radical campaign through their own involvement and commitment to the products and organization. The stakeholders are in categories, such as influencers, customers, employees, suppliers and business analysts.

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