Since a couple of days ago that the social media is a washed with Chrisland School sex tape; I have been subjected to a very severe psychological trauma. I have been in serious shock and I have experienced a high level of indescribable palpitations over this saga.

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It is unfortunate that many of us have suddenly become judges casting aspersions on the parents of the children and so many people have turned the issue into a jocular story sharing it with impunity.

I am personally sad. I am also in serious trepidation. I am not sure of what the future holds for our society and our kids.

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The truth of the matter is that majority of people who are casting aspersions on the parents of the girl don’t actually know what their children are indulging in. If you check your daughter’s phone or her wardrobe or her wallet; to mention just a few; you may be shocked at the escapades of your daughters or sons. It is easy to be judgmental, but the glaring truth is that our society has sunk into monumental heights of moral decadence and vices.

Parenting in the 21st century has assumed a monumental dimension and it takes serious work and God to inculcate moral values in kids. In our contemporary time, children of highly placed religious leaders and disciplinarians are not spared in the monumental sex spree that is pervading society. Many parents are doing their best, yet the devil in the hearts of 21st-century kids seems to be on the rampage. Conversely, a lot of parents are doing nothing in raising good children but chasing money and neglecting the kids to the vagaries of a failed society.

Therefore, we should stop the blame game and name-calling. Please stop sharing the video. More importantly, stop trivialising the issue. This is our collective failure and not an individual failure. It is not only the parents of the child that have failed; society has failed. There are many such kids in our churches, mosques and environment. This is an indication that there is fire on the mountain. Our society made this Casanova kid what she is.

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In the course of my professional calling, I have seen several instances of these sexual escapades among school kids. The most unfortunate thing is that most of these kids are trained and given advanced sexual exposure by adults who now mock and play down these indulgences.

Evidently, this is a metaphor for a failed society and failed parenting; not just for the parents of the kids but for many who have such kids in their houses unnoticed.

We must begin to interrogate further to ascertain in what ways we have individually contributed to the moral decadence that is pervading our society.

What are the kinds of erotic music; videos, dances, novels and downloads we promote in our homes which we subject our children to? Many adults are sexually perverted and they unleash their ungodly sexual appetites on children, yet we sarcastically denounce the children we spoiled. Many adults are heavy drinkers, chain smokers and drug addicts who carry out nefarious and promiscuous activities under the influence of drugs; thereby indirectly initiating and inculcating such dastardly habits in kids, yet we deride the kids.

It is High time we stopped the blame game and we looked inward to ascertain whatever way, we have failed and contributed to the decadence permeating our world.

Banjo Ayenakin, Esq

Thank you for reading, kindly drop your opinion on the issue of CHRISLAND SCHOOL SEX SAGA, I want to hear from you.



  1. The truth is, if we can’t train our children to live a good life , then demons will train them for us

  2. Parents need to go on their kneels and pray for the children. Because Satan is really after the young generation now.
    While praying, we also need to be their friend and be watchful. All these scandals has been happening in the olden days, but most children can’t summon courage to speak out and even if they do, their parents will shut them up. Thank God for social media that is exposing it now.

    May God help us all🙏

  3. It’s high time our parents step up their game in the area of child supervision; a lot of parents don’t know what their children do on a daily basis

    The movie they watch
    The site they visit on their gadget
    The types of friends they make
    The types of music they listen to and the likes

    Majority of children nowadays lack what I called 👇
    Parental supervision:-

    parental supervision:-is a parenting technique that involves looking after or monitoring a child’s activities and paying attention to every detail of their lives but majority of parents have failed in this aspect either because of their busy schedule or work in general.

    Very small youngsters has been given continual supervision and care; lack of this constitutes serious dilemmas in our society today.

    Majority of these wayward children were being educated and taught by others thereby being exposed to negative things that can jeopardize their future.

    They develop unhealthy habits and think they are normal.

    Children need physical, media, and all other supervision that can be given.

    Failure to do this, the trend will still continue….God help but we can as well do our best….so it can be said of us we truly do the best we can in bringing up this children in the right way, ways pleasing to God and edifying men.

    Prayer too is needed…We can change their destiny too in the place of prayer.

    I rest my case😊
    May the Lord help our parents.Amen.

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