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Can Humility Make You A Good Leader?

Humility is a virtue that can not be bought with money or be imitated, as a human the first thing we look out for is humility, this is one of the greatest assets that qualifies you as a good leader.

At every point of our life, we’ve had different leaders, the good and the bad, everyone can never be the same, reason leadership is a virtue.

Some belong to the school of thought that you can learn leadership, yes, leadership can be taught, but virtue can never be taught. If you don’t have the inner virtue of displaying or carrying out the leadership skills you were been taught, then it’s just a waste of time and resources.

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What humility does is that it places you on the pedestal of leadership, and once you can key into it, the sky is the limit.

In leadership, humility can be developed differently. One of the most important things is the ability to pay attention and the willingness to acknowledge.

As a leader, humility is what makes you accept responsibility for others. The blame could be crystal clear on the team, but the ability to shoulder it and stand in the gap for the team makes you a responsible leader.

You must learn to give credit, an act might look tangible or irrelevant to some, but as a leader, humility will help us place value on those things so as to bring more of a good act from the team or individual.

When you give kudos and recognition, you are gradually showing the team or an individual that you know their worth and there can always be value for every good thing that they do.


Trust me, as much as you appraise people or teams, you will surely get accolades too. Humility is what

keeps you as a leader so that you don’t get carried away with human apprisals. We have seen leaders misbehave due to intoxication of accolades from people, they now feel on top of the world, they don’t have regard for people’s opinion anymore, and their end was catastrophic, full of pains and regrets.

You don’t want to be such a leader that people don’t want to be around because of your iron hand

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A leader is so humble that he’s ready to unlearn and learn again, this is what makes the job smooth and friendly. Don’t get threatened by the skill set of other people in your industry or environment, be humble to see value in them, tap from them and still be the leader.

There is a rule that says, get the team to do the job and you take the accolades, if you play the cards well, this is a winning tip for every leader.

Don’t be judgemental, avoid criticism that will not add value to them, the job and yourself. each time, you get it tough with the team or an individual, there is deflation and it takes another cycle of commitments to bounce back.


 As a leader, you can never be perfect, but humility will help you accept your mistake and then learn from them. Own up to your mistake and figure out how to avoid such from happening again.

Never try to cover up your mistake, the gap will always be known, and once people detect you can’t own up to your mistakes, a lack of trust sets in and gradually your value depreciates.


Accept the fact that you don’t know it all even though you are a leader, there will be tough times and difficult moments when you just have to say NO.  Your ability to say no is what brings everyone to the problem-solving stage because there is always a solution to every problem.


Staying true to yourself will help you as you climb the ladder of success. Avoid harmful activities that could derail you from the ladder of leadership.

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As you grow, continue to build trust, and ensure there are no lapses in your responsibility.

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3 thoughts on “Can Humility Make You A Good Leader?

  1. Humility is directly related to our ability and willingness to learn. Humble people are better learners and problem solvers. also lead to Excellence in leadership to the people, by the people and for the people.

  2. Humility is the best principle to long lasting impact, those who stay humble also emerge as winners.

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