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Automation: Why You Need to Start a Side Hustle

It is no longer new that the world is changing, so also prepare for change . Millions of people are losing their job because of automation and artificial intelligent (AI).

I am not writing this article to scare you… No! I am writing this article to prepare your mind for what is ahead and how to prepare for it.

Looking at it critically, technological innovation tends to render humans obsolete, you will agree with me that a robot already carries out some human job descriptions with little or no mistake.

Although it still a debate as no one is concluding that technology will be totally harmful to human jobs, as a writer I can’t say for sure as i haven’t yet carried out this research. 

But from all indication with recent technology, anything is possible.

A horse used to be the means of transportation, but what happened today? Automation has taken over and it is certain that it will take over some human jobs.

Either way how prepared are we to face it, if our fear becomes our truth or reality? 


“On the average, 59% of business processes are subject to automation”. According to the study by McKinsey Global “Institute that analyzed around 800 occupations in 46 countries estimated that between 400 million and 800 million jobs could be lost due to robotic automation in 2030.”

You can start a side hustle while having a full-time job, you may ask but how?
Now I have your attention, this is not a get quick scheme exercise. It takes consistency and having the right strategy to make money from this. Chances are you might make more money from it, that can be higher than your salary.

Starting a side hustle is never easy, it takes a bunch of self-determination and self-will, you must choose what you like as a side hustle. If you ever envisage becoming an entrepreneur, you should consider starting on this platform to build your customer’s base bit by bit.

Starting up a side hustle can help you to do what you love even when you don’t derive joy from your full-time job. There is nothing like having money aside from your salary, as this is how you begin to enjoy financial freedom.
If you take it to Google, you will find 101 side hustles that you can begin, but you first have to understand and know what you can offer.

Fortunately, the world is now a global village, which cannot be stopped but would still birth forth many collaborations, new inventions and certainly many ways to enable faster and efficient connectivity to people around the world.

Thus, you now have the world at your fingertip, so long as you know how to use the internet to your advantage, you can earn extra and cool income irrespective of your schedule.

These side hustles might interest you, make your finding and the sky is your starting point:

  • Drive for Uber, Lyft or Taxify
  • Setup social media for small businesses
  • Answer questions on JustAnswer
  • Start a freelance
  • Sell or export goods to Africa
  • Start a blog or create an online course
  • Become a tutor on Skype
  • Teach a language
  • Become a writer, and many more.

You possess the most knowledgeable data about your personal strengths, so do more research on it. And boom! You’ll start earning extra cash if you can take time to understand your strength, what you love and create a merge between these choices and a side hustle of your choice. This is how to start a side hustle, I hope you don’t just be a reader, do something about it! Drop your question in our comment session.

Thank you for reading, drop your comment below and please, please and please share with someone. 


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