If wishes were horses then beggars would ride, could it just be? Everyone wants easy and convenient lifestyle, we all want to get stuff done like ABC. In other to get things done, division of labour gained ground and got itself rooted, this gave birth to many transactional platforms and as well put food on the tables of millions.

So now let me drive you into the market, this is an honest question that you must answer alone, remember if wishes were horses beggars would ride. Are there not days that you don’t feel to do anything, yet you want them done, there are days that you don’t even have the time, sometimes you are so occupied.

Let me ask you this, what’s your shopping experience like? How do you feel when you go to get things in the market? Would you have opted for online groceries and get your things delivered to you or you are a doubting Thomas who wouldn’t entrust?

What are your thoughts regarding in-store grocery and online groceries, which one is your best option, would you prefer to a lot that time to a traditional market, when you can be at the comfort of your home and get on other projects while your groceries travel down to you.

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“The more you grow, the more your responsibilities and you can never be everywhere at the same time”

Even a lower working class will tell you 24 hours is not enough for them to mitigate, perhaps you should be true to yourself. Do you have the time, you need to fix work, you need to fix the home you need to fix food, all this routine can put you off track if not properly managed.

When I look at companies like Amazon, I don’t just look at the income they generate rather I have to throw more insight into the solutions they provide.

Hey buddy, have you heard of alakowe market ? If you must sort out your groceries and manage your time effectively then don’t underestimate the power of online groceries.

Yes, shopping can be sweet and fun sometimes, but trust me you don’t always want to find yourself in that hustling and bustling of the shopping experience.

Have you ever thought of entrusting your personal needs to a particular person, or company that will get things done for you?

This is where I will fully drive you to the market, do you love the traditional way of market or shopping? By tradition means you have to do all the bustling and hustling of the

The advantages of online grocery

In-store prices and sale

You will never be behind when it comes to having great price and sales, as online shoppers you will have a same great moment with in-store shoppers, our shoppers also have the advantage of the online-based discount when they visit alakowe market as additional coins to their wallet.

Buy goods in bulk from Alakowe market

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Let me give you a secrete, buying in bulk is a very effective way to cut down your grocery costs, but when you do your instore shopping, you already feel overwhelmed with the loads and navigating your route might be somehow difficult. This is where online grocery comes in and makes your shopping a great moment, irrespective of the quantity, you will get everything intact and delivered to your doorstep.

Schedule your time 

With online groceries, you can track your existing groceries and you are at advantage of placing your order and spell out your availability as well. You have the online shopping platform 24 hours and you can as well schedule your deliveries to your most convenient and available time. 

Avoid the cashier track 

For most people, it’s not because they are not gentlemen and ladies, but we just don’t like to spend time on the cashier track, some don’t even like it at all, so they pass the payment to another person while they bite the chocolates, lol. With the online grocery, you can save yourself all the drama of cashier tracks. 

No multiple trips 

Most times we often forget to add some items, to the list we have, and we are already back home. This is never a big issue to online grocers, they always have your back. Once you add your items in your online cart, you can be sure to get your orders without delays, in this way you have saved yourself some time and effort. 

 One of the advantages of utilizing online groceries should be that You get your items according to your order, you would as well save some quality time back to yourself to achieve other itineraries on your list. This also gives you the chance to track your groceries and as well manage your finance adequately.


The online market is not for everybody if you want to maximize your time to do other important things while someone runs through the market stress and Lagos traffics to deliver what you need to your doorstep then ONLINE GROCERIES are for you. Just make a list and shop on alakowe market it’s fast, easy and secured.

Thanks for reading, What is your opinion? Drop your opinion in the comment box below. Remember to share with friends, sharing is caring.

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