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Adversity brings out the real you, it proves you, refines you or destroys you, it is always a tough and rough moment in life.

Adversity comes with different shades, let me reiterate that the first thing that comes up in the time of adversity is always a disruption of plans, resentments follows then depression begins to set in.

Adversity is always a rediscovering point, or a moment of reflection and decision, it brings us the opportunity to realign and bounce back if one doesn’t give up.

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Experience is always the best teacher in life and when you don’t give up, it means you are mastering the moment in other to come out stronger.

Some great men and women were once at their lowest, but they rose to fame again, because they were determined to be strong, to stay afloat and be better in life.

There are ways for you to bounce back in a time of adversity, in other to regain yourself and reignite the burning desires.

1. Identify with the moment Many people today are in a very difficult situation, yet can’t explain how they got there, it is important to identify with the moment you are in.

The sooner you identify with this moment, the less resentment and frustration you have. The moment you understand the moment of adversity, you are already on a journey to finding a solution, your mental health will function well; your instincts will lead you well and tell you the right thing to do.

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The more you try to figure out, the closer you are to a solution when you identify with a moment of adversity.

 2. Strike for a new phase During the time of adversity, you do not need to rush into making decisions, that’s why is always good to reflect. Rushing into decisions will most likely cost you another mistake and this will eventually take you back to square one.

Your best shot in times of adversity is to come up fearlessly and strike for a new phase and believe that you will rise again, never accept failure and rejection as they are detrimental to your rising.

 3. Ask yourself an honest question the first thing you should ask yourself is, does it worth dying for? Does it really what the cry? When adversity shows up, believe me, it’s up already, you don’t have to fret because reality is staring at you already.

Don’t give so much acknowledgement to the problems; instead, ask yourself questions on how to get over the current situation without losing the real you.

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 4. A positive attitude to navigate It is not a doubt that many are looking up to you, directly or indirectly, people are being motivated through you. You need to guard your positive mindset and attitude during adversity, this is a key element that will help you navigate regardless of the circumstances. Great men we all crave their successes today have journeyed this path at a point in time in their life, life has never been a bed of roses and will never be.

5. Appreciate your journey so far you must look back and see how far you’ve journeyed, never underappreciate yourself just because the sea is rough and tough; it’s only a temporary stage. The more you appreciate each moment and yourself, the stronger you become.

Appreciating yourself will give you more insight on how to eradicate unwanted feelings while you focus on things that can take you to the next level.

Parting words: Adversity will always occur, and this will always come in any form, but bear in mind that it’s only a temporary stage, do not fret, stay calm and strong as you navigate your way out, and trust me you are raising again because victory is sure!

I love you dear reader


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