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Accountability – Does Matter?

There is this saying: “it’s my life, I owe no one nothing” it’s becoming a general saying, of truth, you owe no one nothing but then come to see it from this perspective, if everyone in the world starts living their life with this same mentality don’t you think it will be a world filled with selfish and narcist? There is modus operandi and modus vivendi, you have to understand the way you do things speaks much about you. The question is what makes you do the things you do? For every action there must be a consequence – trust me you owe people around you decency, honesty, commitment and whatever that is good, not as an entitlement, but for accountability.

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You owe people accountability – being accountable with your action moulds your behaviour. Have you ever seen a shameless man or woman, lets likened it to a “mad man/woman or drunk man/woman” they can move around without any iota of shame because, in their conscience, they are not accountable to anyone?

It’s becoming a world where anything goes, cheating in marriage is becoming a norm, dressing half-naked is already a trend, getting shortcuts, bribing and corruption.

Accountability feels like an attack when you’re not ready to acknowledge how your behaviour harms others”


I believe in being moderate, do not overdo or “lessdo” some things. yes, it is your body, your mouth or your choice but have you considered the consequence of your action may be in the long run and not for the moment?

Imagine if the Government is accountable – just imagine it in your head…

As partners, accountability does matter, accountable partners understand that “I am committed to one partner, why should I cheat?” I am committed to my partner why should I spend frivolously or “dress to kill” or hurt my partner?

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As a business person accountability does matter, how? You are accountable to sell the best product or services to your customer – trust me sometimes business not flourishing is not because there is any devil but because of your kind of product and how you render your services (you don’t sound rude and expect people to keep buying from you.)

We now play the silent game or walk away when we are meant to explain to people, most times it takes humility to be accountable, not humility to your superior alone but to your “inferior.”

Lastly, accountability to self does matter, you are accountable to give yourself the best version of yourself. A well behaved, skilful, talented and wealthy person, you owe God, your children, your parent, your partner and the world this and more

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Accountability does matter when it is genuine and not deceitful. Ask yourself this question, who am I accountable to? Who is accountable to me and why? What becomes of me if I am not accountable?

One thing accountability is not is living your life to the conformity of people. being accountable is not the same as thinking about what will people say? “e sure say, people, go always talk” even at that, you shouldn’t lose your self-control. stop giving excuses about how you hurt people by using this defence mechanism “love me for who I am,” work on your poor habit, saying “I am sorry” won’t hurt you (either you are a parent or not).

Note: I don’t have issue(s) with how people dress, but I believe being elegant does not mean walking around half-naked and exposing what we were taught to be private parts. 

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