David Oluwatosin Fadoju,  popularly known as Eclipse Concepts is a young Nigerian male content writer, life coach and entrepreneur.

He is passionate about issues that span politics, strategy & self- realisation such that he began coaching for the actualization and transformation of the mindset of young men.

Being intentional about his desire to coach and steer young men into “the becoming” phase; he has mentored and coached over ten young men, who have gone on to pursue their studies while gaining a clear perspective on who they want to become.

He has also not neglected his personal career advancement goals and pursuit for transformation.

His coaching initiative has used both formal, informal and virtual resource as a tool for self-awareness and the promotion of self-knowledge for transformation. Whilst ensuring young men who desire self-actualization are mentored irrespective of their location. 

His desire to be a voice hinged on the truth while reaching a larger audience birthed ECLIPSE DIARY- which features motivational, political, transformational & lifestyle contents amongst other things.

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